Baffle Their Minds With Bullsh*t

At the age of three, Kerry Leigh was passing the hat while her father played the blues. She quit school in 7th grade to become a full time writer, performer and traveller. Now 26 years old, Kerry Leigh's act on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans rents out her imagination with a typewriter. She's a modern day scribe, an old soul in a young body and a brilliant writer doing what she does best, busking, on the best stage she's ever played, the street.


isabelle carbonell and sarah cannon

Isabelle Carbonell, founder of Izaca Productions LLC, is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who documents social, whimsical, ethnographic, and environmental stories around the world. She has worked with National Geographic, taught at Carnegie Mellon University-Qatar, and otherwise carries her two eyes with her on journeys around the world in search for stories and adventure. Currently she has just finished her first feature "One Hundred Fires/Somos Buzos," and she is working on her second feature "The Camel Race" for Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel, among other projects. Though based out of Washington D.C., she's half-Belgian and half Uruguayan and her films have been featured in film festivals internationally. She graduated from the Residential College at the University of Michigan with degrees in Environmental and Social Science, but since, Isabelle's documentary skills have taken her to countries such as India, Qatar, UAE, Cuba, Mexico, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Oman, and Nicaragua.

Sarah Cannon (right) is a rock-star editor who has been editing for Izaca Productions LLC since September 2011; many shared works between Isabelle and Sarah have since been featured in film festivals, TV programs, and in the DC community art space. Sarah currently resides in San Francisco, California.